Paper backdrops can be purchased directly on site at the studio or at Knackscharf. We usually have a full stock at both locations. Spontaneous color requests on site can therefore usually be satisfied.

Knackscharf and Highnoon have developed their own classification system that includes all colors available on the market. The entire assortment thus includes all shades from Savage, Calumet and Hama. This allows you to choose at a glance any color you need for your production. All paper rolls are exclusively in stock in the format 2.75m x 11m. Extra wide rolls exist only in white, black, gray and techgreen (greenscreen) and are only available on order. 

We also offer a limited number of opened background cartons, with at least 3.5m remaining on the roll, which we offer at a reduced price. Please ask if your desired color is available.

Of course, all colors can also be ordered off the shelf. Choose your color in the overview below and tell us your background wishes. Write us an email, use the order form with your order wishes or call us directly.